Who is Abba Loss Mitigation?

About Abba Loss Mitigation

Abba Loss Mitigation is a dedicated, independent Short Sale / Loss Mitigation Company. We have a team of full-time short sale negotiators who have settled over 3,000 Short Sales to date. We are based in Pennsylvania and handle short sales throughout the state as well as the surrounding states. We are an attorney-backed company and follow the Fair Trade Commission’s M.A.R.S. Guidelines.

Abba Loss Mitigation works directly with Sellers, with Real Estate professionals, and with banks and attorneys. We have settled many transactions for attorneys, banks and many of the Real Estate companies out there. We can work with you, too. You will be assigned a short sale negotiator so you will know at all times where the process is for your particular Short Sale.

We like to meet with everyone at the very beginning of the process if possible so that we can discuss each person’s particular situation and develop a proper strategy to proceed with. We will give you our advice as to what direction should be taken and, if a short sale is not right for you, we will advise against it. Doing what is right for the client is the only thing that matters to us. You can put your trust in Abba Loss Mitigation. We’ll help you weather the storm.