Abba Loss Mitigation focuses on the Homeowner during the Short Sale process.

Abba loss Mitigation is a Full Service Short Sale Company. We specialize in Short Sales and nothing else. If you are a homeowner and are having Difficulty Paying Your Mortgage, if you are receiving Threatening Letters from a bank, if you need to try to Stop Foreclosure we can help. Whether you have been Trying To Sell your home and can’t find a buyer who will pay what is needed to Satisfy Your Loan or you are being Transferred or have Lost Your Job or maybe you are in the midst of a Separation and Divorce or have had Health Problems, these are the situations that cause many homeowners to consider a short sale.

There are many companies out there who say they “do short sales”. Many of these companies are not Dedicated Short Sale Companies. They may be a title company that will try to process your short sale for you or your real estate agent in the hopes that they get lucky and are able get the bank to Approval the Short Sale so that they can handle the settlement of the transaction and sell title insurance to a buyer. There are also the Investor Buyers who are simply trying to buy your home as cheap as they can and will process the paperwork for you in hopes of getting an Approval from your bank that allows them to buy the property cheaply. Then you have the Realtors who often have in-house short sale processors or the Realtor says that they will handle your short sale themselves. Some of these folks are good and capable but most lack the experience that is needed to get through the tedious process with the banks and ultimately have the short sale approved and hopefully allow you to walk away without owing the bank any delinquency balances or amounts.

The questions you need to ask if someone is telling you that they can handle your short sale are:

  • How many Short Sales have you successfully closed? Abba has settled approximately 3,000 Short Sales to date.
  • Are you an Attorney backed company? Abba has attorneys that work directly with us as we process your short sale. We know what legal documents, title/lien reports, payoffs, HUD1 settlement statements will be needed to get to the end of the line for you and we always start by having our attorneys provide these at the beginning of the short sale process.
  • How do you get paid for handling our short sale? Abba will collect the fees for negotiating your short sale from the buyer of your property and from the bank. There is no cost to you whatsoever. Abba only gets paid if we are successful in getting your short sale completely Approved and Settled. Other companies pay a processor to handle the paperwork for them … they earn a living whether your short sale is approved or not, here at Abba we either win for you or earn nothing, period.
  • Will the Short Sale Team meet with us to discuss our situation? Abba meets with every one of our clients face to face. We need to understand your situation personally, after all we are negotiating for you in an attempt to get you out from under the mortgage. We are not like the other short sale companies who simply ask you for documents, send them to the bank and wait to see what the bank says. We negotiate and fight for you and, with our proven system, we get the majority of our short sales Approved.

Abba is different in so many ways and we feel that there is no one who even comes close to having the experience and settling the amount of short sales that we have. Contact us and let’s talk about your particular situation. We know that you are probably concerned, worried or stressed out and we are here to help. Short Sales are ALL THAT WE DO … We’ll help you weather the storm!