Short Sale.  Just hearing the words can often make many Real Estate agents shutter. They are time-consuming, difficult and can often be frustrating. Additionally, it is often hard to decide who you can trust to negotiate your Short Sales for you and your clients.

Most Short Sale companies out there DO NOT negotiate for you and your clients with their best interests in mind. Most of the companies who tell you they “DO” Short Sales do not even do them as their primary business and source of income. They simply “process” the paperwork between you and your client’s bank and report back to you the outcome, such as “Here is what the bank said”. Also, many times, the person that is processing the Short Sale is a paid employee and is not solely dependent on the Short Sale settling in order to get paid like the Real Estate agents and Abba Loss Mitigation is. Short Sales are all that we do and here is why Abba Loss Mitigation is different:

  • We have settled approximately 3,000 Short Sales to date.
  • We care about the client and will meet with every single one of them so that we can discuss their options and understand their particular situation. It is important to develop a strategy between you, the client and Abba Loss Mitigation so that everyone is on the same page so together we have a plan going forward that will allow us to get to the end with a successful settlement.
  • Short Sales are all that we do. We are not a settlement company simply processing the Short Sale in an effort to sell title insurance, handle the closing and maybe pick up a few extra bucks in the process. We are not an investor simply trying to buy the property cheaply from the bank. We are a independent and professional Short Sale company that has, and continues to settle many Short Sales each month. We have been doing this for over 10 years and with approximately 3,000 Short Sales settled, no one else even comes close to having our experience and success in getting approvals and ending up at the settlement table for our clients and Realtors.
  • We are backed by our attorneys who advise, strategize and do vast amounts of work with us in order to get to the Approval and ultimately have the property settled for our clients and the Realtors.
  • Our services are completely free to the Sellers and their Real Estate Agent.
  • We settle approximately 80% of all Short Sales that we handle for our clients. Even if there is a scheduled Sheriff Sale, we can generally get the Sheriff Sale postponed and work to achieve an Approval for the clients.

Abba Loss Mitigation understands the difficulties that Short Sales pose to all Real Estate Companies and their agents. We work with many different Real Estate Companies and have a proven track record and system that will allow you to successfully close your Short Sale listings. We will do most of the work and typically 8 out of every 10 Short Sales and clients that you trust us with will end with a successful settlement for you, your company and your clients. You can trust in Abba Loss Mitigation because Short Sales are all that we do.

Federal Trade Commission M.A.R.S. Rule Requires New Disclosures From Real Estate Agents Who Negotiate Short Sales For Consumer Borrowers.