Buying a short sale can be a great way for Home Buyers to purchase a property at a great price.

Abba Loss Mitigation is constantly working with potential home buyers on many short sales and often have an inventory of homes available that might be just what your looking for. There are things that you must be prepared for when trying to buy a short sale property. It can often take quite a bit of time for the short sale lender to approve the short sale, so patience is a must. Also, you want to be sure that the person who is working on the short sale has a lot of experience with this. If you are trying to buy a short sale and you have questions, we can help. If you are working with someone and feel that you would like to talk to an experienced short sale company, please call us, we may be able to help you and the person that is working on your short sale and advise them to help speed up the process and get to the settlement table a bit faster. We have settled over 3,000 short sales to date and have vast experience in these matters. We are here to help!