Abba Loss Mitigation handles Short Sale Negotiations for Attorneys and Law Firms.

We have been negotiating Short Sales for Attorneys and their clients for many years.

We understand that often, even when a client has completed a Bankruptcy, that the home still can sit in their name long after the bankruptcy has been discharged and this can, at times, cause additional liabilities to the client that are not desirable. Sometimes a bankruptcy is not the best solution for the client. Abba Loss Mitigation will work for you to negotiate liens and judgments that the client has against them and get these settled. We also will work to obtain fees that the bank will often pay to you, the attorney, for various services that you have provided. We can often obtain fees paid directly to the attorney while at the same time resolving the client’s debt and liabilities.

Short Sales can take a very long time to negotiate. We will do the work for you and your clients while, at the same time, realizing fees and income to your Law Firm that otherwise would not have been afforded by the client. Abba Loss Mitigation has the experience and expertise and will work for you to achieve your client’s goals all while allowing you to receive your deserved attorney fees.

  • Abba Loss Mitigation has settled approximately 3,000 Short Sales to date.
  • Abba Loss Mitigation is an independent Short Sale Company and works with many Law Firms to achieve the client’s goals at no cost to the client or attorney while obtaining allowable billing fees for the Law firm from the Short Sale lender.
  • Abba Loss Mitigation can use your title company to close the Real Estate transaction.
  • Abba follows the M.A.R.S. Fair Trade Rules and Guidelines for every Short Sale that we work on.